New Video Phone Takes Market by Strom

Brand New Video Phones take US. by storm

 To all my clients and friends,

Gone are the telephone lines we are so dependent on. The new era is digital and satellite. Anywhere there is high speed internet you can plug in your portable digital phone– in a hotel, in your R.V., on a boat. Have a meeting at Starbucks with laptop and phone at your table. This is amazing and best of all, the new video phone allows you to see the person you are talking to or leave them a video message. Imagine coming home and seeing a message from your children or grandchildren showing you a tooth they lost.

Click below to see one if its newest features—this will be the Christmas Gift of the year—in three years everyone will have one—–



(Click below for details)

Unlimited local and long distance Phone Plan for $29.99 Mth.

Please call me and I will let you know about my next meeting -you can become a representative to market these amazing phones and other services



Best Part—the phone is FREE for a limited time



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