Hello All,

Can you believe Summer is almost gone? This
heat is telling the Summer plants to hurry up and get it done. I am telling you
to hurry up and get is bought, as we are facing a serious change in real estate
1A. With the shortage of inventory we desperately need new listings. New
listings that are priced right are getting multiple offers which is driving the
price up over asking and you know what that means. It is getting better for
those who are waiting to put their homes on the market. For those of you looking
, it could be the last of the really great deals. Please sign up for my lastest
listings if you are looking to stay updated on the inventory at hand.

Here is a link to my
“August Real Estate Update”:


This Newsletter is
full of interesting and useful information that I think you will enjoy whether
you are a buyer, seller, homeowner, or renter.

This month’s issue
includes topics such as:

“Sunny Forecast For
The Real Estate Market, Optimism Growing Among Some”;

“Hot Home Trends:
What You Will And Won’t See In New & Existing Homes”;

“Picking The Right

“Do It Yourself, Or

“Air Conditioning
Contractors Burn Homeowners”;

Plus a roundup of July
real estate activity as well as much more advice and information.

I hope you enjoy this
monthly newsletter. If you have any comments, please e-mail them to me. Or, if
you would like to see a certain topic covered in future months, let me know that

If you do not wish to
receive this Newsletter each month, please reply to this e-mail with the word
‘REMOVE’ in the subject line.


Diane Broussard

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