Jackson Shamanic Drumming Circle

The Jackson Shamanic Drumming Circle


An Introduction to Shamanism

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Beatrice Pizer, shamanic practitioner, teacher, artist

Hein & Co. Bookshop, 204 Main St., Jackson CA 95642

Sunday Sept. 27th 2015, 3pm – 5pm

Donation: $10

Shamanism rests on the understanding that everything is alive with invisible sacred energy and every living thing has its own consciousness. So, if you are reading this, it is not an accident, the universe is speaking to you.

Join us in an informal circle to learn about shamanism.

Listen to the heart beat of the drum. Learn how Medicine People and Shamans for thousands of years, from all cultures, have shifted, at will, into an altered state of consciousness while listening to this drum beat. Learn how shamans become ‘hollow bones’, traveling to unseen realms with the sacred intention of bringing back wisdom, healing and guidance for their community.

Learn about the shamanic journey and how you too can journey into the unseen worlds to meet with your own personal Spirit Helpers, who are compassionate beings volunteering to work with you, to teach, guide and bring healing to your sacred walk on this earth.
This group meets last Sunday of Every month at Hein & Comp. Bookshop
Downtown Jackson Cal.

Visit  Jackson Shamanic Drumming Circle —group page on Facebook

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