Placerville Shamanic Drum Circle

The Placerville Shamanic Drum Circle
The animals were out in full force at the August Shamanic Drum Circle meeting in Placerville, as members danced their Power Animals. Members with their rattles and drums danced around the meeting room upstairs at the historic Smith Flat House Restaurant in Placerville. The Drum Circle meets the second Sunday of every month from 2:00- 5:00. The group shares Shamanic teachings about healing and journeying and meeting spirit guides and power animals. Their purpose is to be a smith flatplace where healing takes place for the community and the world. Shamanism is the oldest healing practice in the world. If you are interested, the group is open to all. Classes are also offered for those who want to learn more about Shamanism. The First Beginner’s guide to Shamanism will be a two day workshop held November 14-15 at the Smith Flat House. The cost is $150.00.
The next meeting is this Sunday Sept. 13th. The group will be doing a special healing for those who want and we will also be discussing creating a sacred space in your home. If you want to meet likeminded people in the community and have fun dancing and playing drums and rattles, here is your drum circle. For more information or to register for workshop:
Beatrice Pizer 530-418-8424
Diane Broussard 530-295-8440

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