New Years Thoughts —2017 Star Year

I am so amazed at the things I have learned during 2016 that I can hardly wait for the new ideas to come to fruition in 2017. WE are all on the fast tract to newness. All we have to do is tune it . Mother Earth is sending us  messages everyday . It is so important that we take the time each day to just quiet ourselves and listen to the messages in the wind. There is peace in the Wind.

I have scheduled many events in 2017 for all to attend if you feel called to. Our drum circle has a new home. And what better place than the Odd Fellows Hall in Placerville on Main Street. The grand opening and christening of the Hall will take place on Sunday January 8th at 4:00.  Bring your drums and rattles . The circle is open to all and each one will receive a personal healing by one of our Shamanic practitioners. We also have two day workshops scheduled, on various Shamanic topics. Information is on my website and flyers at the circle

Also new for the year the Diamond Springs Center will have a new studio for teachings and workshops. Yes, we will have a drum making workshop and a rattle making workshop–maybe medicine basket and feather fans. The talking stick counsel will start in Feb. for those who want to learn more about Shamanism and sacred tasks. I could go on, but take a look at my website for a schedule of events and meet the various teachers that are available for your consideration. I realize that each person is called to a different teacher, so I try and add those who I feel are loving , kind and teach with an open heart.

Happy 2017
Namaste ,

Diane Broussard
Diane 530-295-8440





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