Jackson Shamanic Drumming Circle

The Jackson Shamanic Drumming Circle Presents An Introduction to Shamanism with Beatrice Pizer, shamanic practitioner, teacher, artist Hein & Co. Bookshop, 204 Main St., Jackson CA 95642 Sunday Sept. 27th 2015, 3pm – 5pm Donation: $10 Shamanism rests on the understanding that everything is alive with invisible sacred energy and every living thing has itsContinue reading “Jackson Shamanic Drumming Circle”

Placerville Shamanic Drum Circle

The Placerville Shamanic Drum Circle The animals were out in full force at the August Shamanic Drum Circle meeting in Placerville, as members danced their Power Animals. Members with their rattles and drums danced around the meeting room upstairs at the historic Smith Flat House Restaurant in Placerville. The Drum Circle meets the second SundayContinue reading “Placerville Shamanic Drum Circle”

The Drum Circle

Last meeting at the Smith Flat house in PLacerville the animals were out roaring as the group drummed and danced their power animals. What Fun!!! If you missed it be sure to come to our next meeting and drum your animal, goddess, or mystical inner self. We meet in PLacerville the second Sunday of everyContinue reading “The Drum Circle”

Homes Sales are up from Last Year

 Are you ready for some good news? The National Association of Realtors (NAR) just released some news about existing home sales and the numbers are made of things we dream of – a 10.4% increase from the same month last year. Yeah, you read that right! The home inventory is increasing and home sales are up.Continue reading “Homes Sales are up from Last Year”

New Owner of Stupendous Horse Ranch in Somerset, Cal.

Welcome to the neighborhood Jeff Windham.!! Jeff is the new owner of a stupendous horse ranch in Somerset, cal. complete with guest house,pool, barn and arena. Jeff hope to raise dogs and horses in his spare time. I am sure he will find the people of El Dorado County just as charming as I do.Continue reading “New Owner of Stupendous Horse Ranch in Somerset, Cal.”

El Dorado County Real Estate News- March 2015-Diane Broussard

Hello All, So happy March brought in these few days of rain. New snow in the mountains also.It is really beautiful in the Sierras Foothills right now.  Here is a link to my “March Real Estate Update”: http://realtytimes.com/196/DianeBroussard This Newsletter is full of interesting and useful information that I think you will enjoy whether you are aContinue reading “El Dorado County Real Estate News- March 2015-Diane Broussard”

New Shamanic Gathering Circle in PLacerville

I am very happy to announce a new Shamanic Circle  has started in PLacerville, Cal. at the Historic Smith Flat House. The meetings are held the second Sunday of every month  from 2-5 in the afternoon. This is a great time to meet with like minded people and enjoy drumming and journeying. Peter Salomone headsContinue reading “New Shamanic Gathering Circle in PLacerville”

Diane Broussard El Dorado County Real Estate Updates

Hello All, the market is moving again–better hurry if you are still searching for that dream home or investment Here is a link to my “September Real Estate Update”: http://realtytimes.com/190/DianeBroussard This Newsletter is full of interesting and useful information that I think you will enjoy whether you are a buyer, seller, or homeowner. This month’sContinue reading “Diane Broussard El Dorado County Real Estate Updates”

Starting a Drumming Circle in Placerville

Many of my friends have asked me about starting a drumming circle in Placerville. A happy place to beat our drums and hoot and haller. We will probably form our circle  around the full moon each month. Those of you who are interested or who have a circle already formed and want to join ,Continue reading “Starting a Drumming Circle in Placerville”

Diane Broussard’s El Dorado County Real Estate newsletter 01/10/2014

Hello All, I hope you have enjoyed the Holidays and are now looking towards a successful 2014. Real Estate continues to be a major draw and as the new year rounds more listings will be coming on the market. Sign up for my instant listings and keep abreast of the currant market . I hope you enjoy myContinue reading “Diane Broussard’s El Dorado County Real Estate newsletter 01/10/2014”