Diane Broussard Life Coach

Diane owns and operates the Diamond Springs Center of healing arts and training. Diane is a life coach and Shamanic healer. She has been following her spiritual path for over 30 years. Inspired by the famous Shirley Maclaine book, Out on a Limb, she has been out there ever since. Diane has studied at the University of Metaphysics in Association with the University of Sedona, she is also a Reiki Master, and certified in Angel therapy and Angel card reader. Diane has completed a 4 year course in the Lynn Andrew’s Shaman Mystery School. She is a full mesa carrier, completing an apprenticeship with Ray Nobriga and Valerie De Magdalena, trainers for Don Oscar Mira Quesada in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, (Peruvian Shamanism) Diane also has completed several advanced classes in Core Shamanism.
Diane enjoys private counseling sessions with those seeking answers to personal questions. Diane uses various methods to help her clients based on what she feels is best for them. Diane often includes healing therapy for her clients if necessary, or she may suggest a separate session for healing alone. Diane is also a founder of the Placerville Shamanic Drum Circle. This a group of like minded people that meet twice a month in Placerville to Drum, Dance, journey and support each other. She also facilitates Monday night Spirit Social on the first Monday of the Month at her center. The group is open to the public, so ask her about events upcoming. She is available to talk with you and suggest specific spiritual teachers for your individual needs.


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