Temperatures soar and so does real estate inventory in the country

Temperatures are reaching the 100’s in September and the real estate inventory in country areas of El Dorado County is also soaring. Property is not selling as usual and therefore the housing market continues to multiply, With the increase in homes available the prices are coming down as the competition to sell increases. Now is a very goodContinue reading “Temperatures soar and so does real estate inventory in the country”

Over 62 Years Old –New Rules for reverse Mortgage

Changes to Reverse Mortgages are coming — starting April 27th.  What you should know   I have older parents and clients. I am always looking for ways to help them feel more comfortable in their golden years. This is very useful information concerning those of you who are facing retirement and fixed income. You may notContinue reading “Over 62 Years Old –New Rules for reverse Mortgage”

Diane Broussard’s October Harvest Real Estate News

Hello All, Can you believe October is here already? I hope everyone enjoyed the awesome harvest moon this month. Real Estate is harvesting also. Low inventory is causing multiply offers and raising prices throughout California. If you were considering buying for investment or living —better hurry, or I will be telling you “I Told YouContinue reading “Diane Broussard’s October Harvest Real Estate News”